Easy Exam Preparation tips for the students

The exams seasons will soon be kicking off in the country, therefore, students need to follow certain strategies in order to prepare themselves for the exams. The most critical part for marking the completion of exams is syllabus coverage. But at the same time, the utilization of time in an effective manner is also important. There are certain different myths that the scoring of good marks in the examination is based on a continuous study for a period of 12 to 14 hours per day. It can be true to the fact that some students need to study a specific topic thoroughly, whereas, it may not stand true in all the cases. Few of the students just plan the completion of topic regardless of any time duration.

While others are of the point that a 12-hour time with complete focus can be done in a space of 6 to 8 hours. The educationists and intellectuals are of the views that it is pivotal to know the level one has studied rather than measuring the productivity with hours of study. Some of the students become highly worried regarding their examination and this attitude is not only due to the exams but the lack of preparation. Even when these students start preparing for the exams, the lack of exposure and planning worries the students. There is no need to worry for the students as we advise them with certain handful tips that can ease the worries of students.

Firstly, the students need to start early as they can always have a window for revision. This is a two dimensional point as the study shall be started in the early part of the day. Secondly, the planning shall be made in accordance with having enough time for the revision of syllabus too. This time can not only help in revision but can be a possible solution for any emergency or uncertain situations. The revision gives a better idea of the current standing of an individual and is one of the best tools for self-evaluation.

Secondly, students shall organize themselves in order to get well prepared and ease on their worries. It means that the students shall plan an agenda of their preparation and this needs to be made in black and white. This can either be an electronic documented or hand written but important is that it shall be in writing. The agenda shall include day wise plan of topics to be covered, how much days one requires to cover the topic, and then an appropriate window of revision.

Once the students have organized themselves, there is now time for some actual study to be done. The concept of outline suggests that any specific topic or a concept can be briefed in point form. This practice shall be used by the students rather than developing long notes as this will help them in finishing the topic in time along with developing an in-depth understanding of the topic too. However, an outline is the last achieved step after thoroughly reading one’s rough notes taken during class and then reading them from the book. Once all the reading is completed and the topic is fully understood, an outline shall be drafted.

We are living in a global community space, therefore, there is no way that one can move forward on his own, hence, we encourage the students to take help from others. If there is a difficulty in understanding or completing any topic, one of the friends, class fellows or tutors shall be reached out. The students make a big mistake of memorizing and then often tend to forget it during the examination. Once the topic is completed, one can take the help from family members too by requesting them to ask questions related to the same topic. Only a sound mind and healthy body can perform well as it has the ability of absorbing pressure too. This points out the importance of taking a decent sleep. It is important for the students to at least take a sleep of seven to eight hours. The failure of good sleep will make one restless and as a result, the performance not only in preparations but exams will be hampered.

In addition to that, students need not to panic and worry. The preparation of exams is a tough procedure itself and then writing long exams is equally demanding too. The students need to practice patience and calamity as it is the only way forward. Once the paper has started, try to attempt those questions that are well-known and then spend time on the ones, where thinking is required rather than wasting time on thinking first and then making it tough for oneself. Lastly, the students need not to panic even after the examination. Students usually try to evaluate themselves after the exams are being conducted. Students need to realize that nothing can change their scores once the process is completed, therefore, realize your mistake, stay focus and perform well for the next time.

The current situation of the country is not much different than what is narrated above as students are looking to either revise or start their exams preparation. The overall scenario isn’t very welcoming but the exams are just around the corner. All the governing bodies have shown an initial direction of conducting the exams right after the holy month of Ramadan. Thus, we advise the students to follow exam preparation tips as discussed above. This can facilitate the students not only in their preparation but will also ensure the securing of good marks in their respective exams.

Daniyal Ahmad

The blogger hails from Lahore and has been writing content for various leading platforms since 2015. Education, Current Affairs, Sports and Social Issues are the expertise of blogger. The blogger can be contacted using his email address daniyal.ahmad71@gmail.com

Universities told to confirm promptness for online classes

Prof. Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) passed a statement in Vice Chancellors’ conference that universities are requested to take immediate measures for the conduct of online classes. He addressed all the VCs’ that universities shall adopt a formal policy and deliver SOPs among their faculty and students for online courses. All the online courses shall be approved by HEC based on universities’ SOPs and formal policies shared in black and white. The conference too was done using an online platform named Microsoft Teams. All the VCs showed their commitment with the statement of Chairman, HEC that online teaching will be made successful.

The VCs’ committee meeting including the heads of all the universities of Pakistan reviewed their progress on the conduct of online classes. Few of the universities were already conducting online classes, although few had to improve their systems for preventing any sort of academic loss. All the VCs expressed that they are accelerating their efforts for promoting the conduction of online classes and using of online platforms. HEC is pushing the universities for executing Learning Management System (LMS) based on the need and capacity of each.

Earlier, HEC said that universities shall first put LMS in place and then conduct online classes. However, some of the universities started the conduct of online classes, whereas, the launching of LMS at any time soon was the mutually agreed decision between HEC and various universities. HEC Chairman also put forward the requirement of setting up an Academic Council on the same working lines as already existing. However, the name shall be changed to Online Academic Council. Universities are also advised to name separate focal points for corresponding with HEC regarding online courses and technology support.

Dr. Banuri asked the VCs to share this data at their earliest which shall include the names of their focal points and Online Academic Council. The LMS shall contain the list of all online courses and the students enrolled in it shall be able to view introduction, learning objectives, textbooks / study material and assignments alongside the lesson plan and rules of the grading policy. The assignments might be able to view once the teacher makes it active. HEC also committed on their end, they are trying hard to provide internet services to all the students irrespective of their remote locations.

The VCs’ were advised by HEC that they shall collect the information of students’ locations and their connectivity challenges. On the other hand, HEC is establishing contact with telecommunication companies for introducing Taleem bundles for students. HEC concluded the VCs’ conference by requesting the universities to raise their technology and ICT capabilities as it is the only way forward.

How to overcome the stress of exam?

The stress of exams effects the students in many ways. It is important to manage this stress and find ways of eliminating it. The more the stress is taken, more are the chances of burnout and exhaustion. It not only effects the way of thinking but is also not good for physical and mental health of the students too. The situation can vary from one student to another as for some students, it is a time of recognition and performance. Those students just revise the syllabus to a little extent and ace the exam with securing excellent grades. While there is another type of students whose heart beats increase and they sweat for hours while studying. For these students, revision is like climbing a mountain range. Nevertheless, the world is not lost for these students and they are still capable of making a strong comeback by following certain strategies of overcoming stress.
Firstly, students need to take regular breaks and schedule fun things in between the routine of study. This can be practiced by taking 15 to 20 minutes’ small breaks after regular intervals of every 2 to 3 hours. Even the most intense exam of this world allows you to relax for a short while, hence, one needs to relax as per their schedule. Moreover, the fun things can be scheduled like going out with family for a dinner, spending some time with friends, watching an episode of a series or season on Netflix etc. Things like these will ease the stress of students.

Moreover, the exercise relaxes the individuals and it diverts the attention from one aspect to the other. The examination season begins in the month of March and April, which is a transformation period of cold to hot weather. The weather is not very hot, therefore, the students need to start their day early in the morning so they can initiate the day with a morning walk, running the track, attending gym or even swim. This can be done in any other weather conditions too because it will keep one healthy, fit and active for the study material to absorb. This will help in normalizing the mood of the students too.

Comparison is the thief of joy, hence, don’t always listen to others. It is important to discuss the preparation with your friends and other class fellows but sometimes it can lead towards comparison of preparation. This can creep in stress as one starts to wonder that if he/she is moving in the right direction or not. If one’s preparation is well ahead of other, it can push one into a false paradise and can distract. On the other end, if the preparation is far behind, it gives stress and hence, the preparation plan breaks up. We advise the students to discuss with others but don’t always make it as the basis of preparation.

Furthermore, the level of stress can also be reduced by speaking up to someone. If a student feels that the situation is out of control and stress has got big, try and speak to someone about it. May it be one’s friend, family member, tutor, mentor or any other individual as deemed appropriate by the student. Once the situation is discussed, they either lose their stress by discussing or realize that it is not only they who have stress but all the individuals have different kinds and types of stress. This will help the students in developing a coping mechanism of their own. This can also lead to ending of stress as discussion with someone often gives a level of ease.

Let us further discuss that what can be done best in order to eliminate the stress of exams. One shall take the help of technology. This help can be facilitated by watching a film or any of the TV show which gives you a feeling of getting relaxed. It can be different for various individuals as some like to watch a movie, while others prefer watching documentary, TV show, a funny video, a podcast of a comedian, cricket match or reading books. In addition to that, students can drink any herbal tea or hot chocolate. It is commonly known fact that all the hot drinks are famous for soothing the soul. Although, caffeine shall be avoided.

Sometimes, the stress is also due to long hours of study and students feel hungry. The stress and anxiety caused by exams eliminates the realization of hunger, therefore, students can have an eating break. The mind can’t be feed well if the body is not fed well. On contrary to that, female students can eliminate their stress by baking or cooking something of choice that can bring joy to them. On some occasions, a shower or bath can also be used to relieve the stress level. As important is eating, equally critical is sleeping. Stress often exhausts the students and rather than having a deep sleep, they need small breaks of sleep.

Once the preparations are completed, the stress level can still exist during and after the exams. The post-mortem of the exams shall be avoided as no one can go back to the exams and improve their answers. The errors can be reviewed and same mistakes shall not be repeated again but the process shall stop rather than getting stressed due to those mistakes. The levels of stress can be heightened as the exams are to be scheduled any time soon. The entire country faced a suspension for an indefinite period owing to certain unavoidable circumstances but we encourage the students to thoroughly practice the above mentioned strategies which can help them in eliminating stress levels due to exams.

Daniyal Ahmad

The blogger hails from Lahore and has been writing content for various leading platforms since 2015. Education, Current Affairs, Sports and Social Issues are the expertise of blogger. The blogger can be contacted using his email address daniyal.ahmad71@gmail.com