About Us

www.myresult.com.pk is free platform that offers to know  all classes & competitive exams results online in Pakistan.

Exams and Results are the two most important times of the year for the students. Examinations are held at the end of each educational year or semester to check the capabilities and intelligence of the students. All the students work hard to pass the exams with good marks. Children seek knowledge and learning throughout the year and to qualify for the next grade, they are required to give exams and pass them.

The result is the most crucial factor that decides the fate of students. A student’s intelligence, continuation of the studies, next institutes, subjects, fields, jobs everything depends upon just one thing and that is Result. Students of all the classes, be it a class 5 student or a university going masters student, they all wait desperately for their good results right after the exams.

In Pakistan, multiple examinations are carried out every year from 5th Grade to Masters level. O/A levels exams are taken under the Cambridge System. There are almost 30 boards that take the exams for Matriculation and Intermediate level students. All the colleges and universities take the exams for Bachelors and Masters degree programs.

Parents also know the importance of results for their children’s future. So they also show immense interest and excitement for knowing the results of their children. To help the students and their parents in finding the date sheet and timely results without any hassles and cost, this website myresult.com.pk is formed. We aim to work for the betterment of the students and their parents. Our main purpose is to spread accurate and timely knowledge and to help in the development of Pakistan’s education system.