All exams to be cancelled by Ministry of Education

A recent announcement by the Education Minister, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood has left all in a moment of surprise and awe. These feelings are due to an historic move by the authorities to cancel all the examinations in country with immediate effect. All the board exams are to be cancelled which includes the examination of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th classes respectively. The minister said in a briefing to electronic media that government had announced the closure of schools and postponement of exams till May 31, 2020. The final decision of reopening of institutes and conduct of exams was to be reviewed at a later stage depending upon the country wide situation of COVID – 19.

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In order to promote the continuity of education, Government along with Pakistan Television Network (PTV) launched the project of TeleSchool. The recent decision taken by the government advises all the institutes to remain close till July 15th, 2020. For the students appearing in exams, the marks will now be awarded based on previous year results. 12th class students are now eligible to get admission in various universities based on the results of 11th class. Likewise, students of 10th class are eligible for college studies based on the result of 9th class. The decision has been taken in the better interest of students, parents and secondary and higher secondary institutes.


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