All you need to know website launched about COVID – 19

Pakistan is a country with full of intelligent and brilliant young minds. More than half of the population of country is young, this youth bulge needs to be managed well. Out of these youth is one of the young technology journalist, Mr. Bilal Shah, he is in the news for his new venture of launching a website related to COVID – 19. Mr. Bilal is not only a technology journalist but a Video Director too. The website is home built solution for the general public at large. The aim of website is to provide a global snapshot of pandemic situation.

The basic layout of the website looks like a mixture of international news platforms. The difference in this website from all other similar avenues is that people can not only acquire knowledge related to Pakistan only but of each and every country they want. The website provides with an automatic top 20 effected countries list and not only this but the same list can be extended in an ascending order. The analytics in the website are highly attractive as one can view the impact of COVID – 19 on different countries in the shape of world map. All the information on website is updated at real time around the world.

Mr. Bilal Shah has highlighted the fact that it is a platform for those people who need all the features under one roof. The privacy of the website is highly safe as it doesn’t collect any information from the visitors. It is pivotal for the general public to acquire information as this is the first of its type, therefore, not only the current situation but its cure and vaccines are the areas in which people are interested. The website can be accessible through its address, The website not only provides all the latest information pertaining to COVID – 19 but it facilitates on numerous other fronts including the protection techniques, possible treatments available, updates on vaccine and research and lastly, rejects all the conspiracy theories related to COVID – 19.

The website has a separate dashboard for the depicting the situation of deadly virus across the global and in Pakistan. What is different from all other websites is that it is different from conventional approaches and it brings the information from entire globe onto one same panel. We advise all the visitors to explore the website on regular intervals so that they can keep themselves updated with all the latest situation across the globe.

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