PU Announces ECAT mandatory for its All Engineering programs

Entry Test organized by UET, Lahore for engineering programs admission is now mandatory for all Engineering programs of PU as well.

Students have to pass through the UET, ECAT exams to get admission to PU.

The last for the registration of the test is also announced by PU spokesman, which is 27 June.

All the tests will be held at Virtual University Centers from 5 to 8 July.

These tests will be held before the exams of intermediate.

The entry test will be computer-based, therefore students have to reach the center before the time because there will be a 15 minutes orientation to guide the computer-based test.

Students, absent from the center on the test date are not allowed to sit in any other center on any other date to attempt the entry test.

All exams cancelled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further

Addressing health concerns of students and parents All exams cancelled till June 15 and depending on the spread of the disease may even go further. Cambridge exams postponed till Oct/Nov for all grades.

Only exception for those in A2 who have a compulsion to take exam now University admissions in Pakistan will be aligned for class 12 and A2 who will be taking exams in Oct/Nov.

This is to ensure no one loses a year.

For A2 who have some compulsion to take exams now, every attempt will be made to provide safe venues.

Not more than 50 students When we say all exams, no exam will take place upto June 15 About the A2 exams he said, “They will take place as scheduled for those students who have to take them for one reason or another.

The rest of A2 can take exams in Oct/Nov and we will adjust Pakistani universities admission accordingly”

In answer to the question of a student on twitter shafqat mehmood replied.

Q: “Sir what about the 13 month policy of cambridge? The students who have already given As in May/June 2020. Will the grade be carried forward to Oct/Nov. Please do something about it or atleast provide TAGs for A2 students. Are futures are at stake!!”

Ans: “I have asked Cambridge to finish the 13 month limit”

He further added that “It is not easy for us to postpone exams or close education institutions but if the disease escalates there is no choice.”

A 21-year-old Pakistani student living in the United States was thrown acid

A medical student was thrown acid by an unknown person when she was coming back to home with her mother in the NewYork.

The student initially belongs to Pakistan.

According to the report, 21 years old medical student Nafia Ikram was getting off from her car with her mother when someone threw acid on her.

She got burns on her face, arms, and neck.

As a consequence of this attack, Nafia has lost her eyesight.

She is so afraid after the attack that she can’t even go to the washroom alone as she can’t see anything and get frightened when water is thrown on her face.

The police commissioner Petrik rider has announced a reward of 10000 dollars for the clues of criminal.

The incident should be investigated by human rights leaders as an anti-Muslim crime.

Her father has told that Nafia has started talking now but still, there is issue because in this attack her throat was also got affected.

Law students of Shah Abdul Latif University reached court

Sukkur: Students reached the court after the examination of Shah Abdul Latif University exams postponed.

The court has issued the notice accepting the petition. The hearing will be held by 4 May.

Details describe that due to delay of Law exams, students reached the court.

The affected students filed a petition before the Sindh High Court Sukkur bench through their lawyer Ali Raza Baloch.

The court has granted the petition and issued the notice against the university.

The students had raised the issue and taken a stand in the petition that thousands of students, associated with Shah Abdullatif University got affected.

The university administration has not been conducting exams for the last three years instead it is making lame excuses.

5 years are required to get Law degree and three years are already wasted.

It should be noted that the VC College Principal of the University and others were mentioned in the petition.

The court has called the parties for a hearing by issuing the notice on 4 May.

قبائلی اضلاع میں خصوصی بچوں کو تعلیم دینے کا منصوبہ

خیبر پختون خوا حکومت نے قبائلی اضلاع کے ہزاروں خصوصی بچوں کو تعلیم دینے کا منصوبہ تیار کر لیا۔

اس ضمن میں وزیرِ بہبود آبادی خیبر پختون خوا ہشام انعام اللّٰہ کا کہنا ہے کہ قبائلی اضلاع میں خصوصی بچوں کیلئے 5 اسکولوں کی تعمیر کا منصوبہ تیار کیا گیا ہے۔

انہوں نے بتایا کہ منصوبے کے تحت 5 قبائلی اضلاع میں قوتِ سماعت و گویائی سے محروم بچوں کے لیئے اسکول قائم کیئے جائیں گے۔

وزیرِ بہبود آبادی خیبر پختون خوا کا مزید کہنا ہے کہ یہ 5 اسکول خیبر، مہمند، کرم، باجوڑ اور جنوبی وزیرستان کے اضلاع میں بنائے جائیں گے۔

ہشام انعام اللّٰہ کا یہ بھی کہنا ہے کہ اس منصوبے کو ڈھائی سال میں 2 ارب 54 کروڑ روپے کی رقم سے مکمل کیا جائے گا۔

How to study effectively during lockdown

Study at home is like a blurred image, where you don’t know the existence and significance of a task that should be done at first. “How to study effectively during lockdown?” is a question that students are raising through social media and other resources because schools are facing on and off situation and student are compelled to sit at home and study online or own their own.

Home course indulges into schoolwork and entertainment leaks the concentration of study. There are no proper bells, teacher’s guidance and orders, change of periods, face-to-face lectures and many other aspects lack that make the study environment. It is said that a person makes their environment. Vibes generate inside the human body develop an environment at the mental level. Once you make your mind then the next step is to implement the thoughts in the real world. There are no hard and fast rules for exam preparation because every student has his mindset and house environment where he knows the best to fit according to his ease.

Here are the thoughts and plans we have analysed after studying different students during their exam preparation that they adopt to gain good marks. Not only this, but these methods are also helpful for other students.

Ignore frustration

Don’t get panic or frustrated due to the short time of preparation and lengthy course. First of all, make yourself relaxed and calm and ignore tensions and frustration as it can lower your working and learning stamina. A sound mind can perform better than a tired mind. Tensions and frustration can tire the mind and soul. So don’t lose hope and never lessen your spirit of working.

Select Important Chapters

One by one note all the important chapters of all books. Take help from past papers and mark important topics and chapters.

Schedule your timing on a time table

Divide the syllabus into the days remaining in starting exams. Then design a timetable just like periods in your institute. Give more time to those books which need more attention or you find them difficult for you. Keep break time also part of your timetable so that your mind can get some relaxation from continuous studies. A timetable can give you feel like you are sitting in the classroom. Don’t be pressurize while you are studying as it can lose your memory.

Practice make perfect

Learning is not enough if you are preparing for exams. A few bright students are having the ability to learn with just one-time practice or reading. But those students are in majority who take time in learning things and studying at home is a real challenge for those students. Such students need practical practice. If they are learning theories they should write them after learning them orally. Practice the mathematics questions more and more so that they can be at their fingertips.

If you are learning some language literature or essay writing then reading must be your habit. In essay writing note important heading and topics on the notebook. Practice letter and application format so that you can be prevented from any writing mistake on paper. Once you have done with writing that you have learned orally, read it again thoroughly as it can be crosscheck.


Design your test session in which give tests to yourself. Write every content that you have learned and then check it personally so that you can be aware of your weakness in studies. It would be best if there is a highly educated person is present at your home and he can give you time in your studies and willing to check your tests. That person gives you more guidance in your learning and can highlight your mistakes.

Once you come to know about your mistakes, correct them and try to never repeat them. This way, there will be time management skills with no mistakes will be developed inside you. You will learn from your mistake without losing your chance in exams you would be better prepared.

Stay In touch with friends

Friends and class fellows are helpful in studies because they have all the study material. So stay in touch with them and share your data with them and ask them to share their knowledge and information too. So that you can be up to date with current important exam questions.

Follow Paper Pattern and Paper Scheme

Paper patterns and paper schemes are already shared every year before exams on the relative website of the exam authority so that students can follow them. During COVID-19 new paper schemes and paper patterns have been shared by all exam conducting entities. Students should follow them so that they can meet the necessary criteria of exams to pass.

Last, always follow the summaries of the chapters there is already mentioned about the important topics with the percentage of importance regarding exams point of view.

By: Mehreen Akhtar (mehreenakhtar14@gmail.com)

The federal capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi have a public holiday today (March 25) due to a parade on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

The Rawalpindi Traffic Police has formulated a traffic diversion plan for the parade tomorrow, stating that all roads leading to the parade ground is closed today, and alternative routes will be provided for the flow of traffic.

According to a spokesman for the traffic police, the expressway from Coral Chowk is also closed to full traffic, while alternative routes have been provided for traffic to pass through the interior of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

On the other hand, the Islamabad High Court has announced today’s leave, and Chief Justice Athar Minallah has approved today’s leave. A notification has also been issued in this regard stating that the Islamabad High Court and District courts will be closed today.

It may be recalled that the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department (ISPR) had announced to reschedule the Pakistan Day parade on March 23 due to inclement weather and said that the Pakistan Day parade would now be held on March 25. The Armed Forces Parade will be held at Shakarpur on time.

Women self-defense training

The self-defense class’s objective to stop violence against women by solidifying women’s capability and aptitude to defend themselves. With the rapid increase in daily cases of girl’s harassment, loot, barberry, torture, rapes, murders, and domestic violence, etc., society has raised a great challenge for women. Society for the women was never a bed of roses; instead, it was a game of thrones for girls. Especially the working ladies, outgoing girls for education face such issue more and they do not feel safe on road. No doubt education is making the girls aware of their surroundings and in the present era, the girls know their rights and duties. They are working parallel to men but yet there is no safe corner for the girls on this planet. It would not be wrong to say that there are many men supporting girls for their bright future and strong career. On the contrary, there are men on the same planet making survival difficult for them. Not only this, but a few ladies are also involved in such crimes equal to men. Such ladies plan properly to catch the girls with the criminal partners. In this situation, survival is severely difficult. We should be alarmed about the sexual role, the girl’s physical education, and self-defense because admittance and systematic participation is a vital human right. It is a central social right because consistent participation in self-defense training is a crucial component of a strong existence.

Govt has given the rights to women in the light of Islamic rules. But there are no 100% transparent systems in Pakistan because black sheep exist everywhere. Our conservative society with suppressed minds thinks that women going out of the house are bold with no moralities. So here a need arises to help one’s self on her own. In our country, there are many physical training centers where proper physical and self-defense training is provided. There girls and boys are told to tackle the alarming issues. Physical training centers are everywhere in Pakistan but the actual need is to train school-going girls. This age of girl’s needs special attention towards brought up. Last year, there were plenty of rape cases about school-going girls. Girls should be trained at the school level with self-defense activities so that they can save themselves from upcoming problems on the road, home, school, or anywhere. Physical and self-defense education has the latent to endorse peace, improve individual assets essential to consensuses such as control, forbearance, cohesion, assistance, and esteem, and provide a means of insertion for marginalised entities and assemblies.

The intricacy and complicated nature of the delinquent of girls’ input in self-defense should be recognized and entirely implicit. It is a sound observation that women who take part in self-defense training are less likely to indulge in sexual attacks and are more self-reliant, confident, and active in their ability to efficiently counterattack and resist as compared to other women who have not attended such training in any class. But the issue to afford such classes is also an irony. Financial issues are preventing the public to attend such classes. Besides, special defense classes or training centers are very few in Pakistan and costly too. Therefore women are relying on protecting tools like sprays and Tasers. Women have been using sprays, needles, and other equipment to protect themselves from such cases. After the motorway rape cases, it is observed that Tasers Seles is has skyrocketed.

But where the government has declared laws and women’s rights, same on the way training centers should be established. This kind of training should be mandatory at the school and college level. Because, rules and regulation violence and their abolishment is seen everywhere in the country. So it is mandatory for women to not look for a helping hand but to help them by learning some special skills.

Written by: Mehreen Akhtar (mehreenakhtar14@gmail.com)

Global Institute “QS” Includes “PU” in Its TOP Universities Ranking List

University of the Punjab included in top ranking universities list for the 1st time at global level. The international Institute of University Ranking QS has issued its list of top universities in different disciplines. QS has included nearly 13 department of PU in this list. According to the updated ranking list of 2021,

  • Petroleum Engineering Department of PU is at 101-150 top global departments.
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology department of PU is at 251-300 top global departments.
  • Civil and Structural Engineering Department of PU is at 351-400 top global departments.
  • Agricultural and Forestry department of PU is at 301-350 top global departments.
  • Mathematics department of PU is at 401-450 top global departments.
  • Natural Sciences department of PU is at 451-500 top global departments.
  • Environmental Sciences department of PU is at 401 top global departments.
  • Business and Management Studies department of PU is at 451 top global departments.
  • Social sciences and Management department of PU is at 501 top global departments.
  • Computer science and Information system department of PU is at 501 top global departments.
  • Chemistry department of PU is at 501 top global departments.


UET issues academic calendar for students

According to the current academic calendar all the classes for session 2018 and 2017 will be commence online. While, students enrolled in 2018 and 2019 will be held in campus. Administration has decided midterm exams schedule in May. Final exams of these classes will be held in August. Ultimate final result will be declared in September.

Exams for post graduate classes will also be held in May. Their classes will end up in July and final exams will be commenced in the same month. The current academic calendar is issued after corona pandemic to maintain the education system and credibility of the institute. The students who have been confused about their exams, they should be prepared for their session preparation.