Citizens of Khyber district want girls schools reopened

Landi Kotal, Local citizens of Khyber district have demanded the government to reopen the nine girls’ schools which are closed since 2015.

Khyber district’s Baz Ghari Kamar Khel area nice schools are closed by which hundreds of girls’ student education is disturbing.

Local residents informed girls schools are closed in the district since 2015, teachers are receiving their official salaries without performing duties.

Khalil Afridi social activist from Garhi Kamar said, education officer of the district has closed the eyes and locals are demanding for the school opening. The school staff is receiving the salaries without any duty.

Hundreds of girls education future is on risk and no one have given attention to this, Khalil said. Soon, there will be the protest against government by the local against closure of schools, he added.

He required to the provincial education minister to take action on the condition and held an inquiry against the teachers and education authorities of the district.

COVID-19: Hazara University Education Department sealed

Mansehra, Educational Department of University of Hazara sealed by the district administration on Tuesday after students tested positive for coronavirus.

Assistant Commissioner Baffa-Pakhal of district administration and Health Department and Rabia Abbasi sealed the Education Department block number 2 of the university after the student tested positive for the virus of COVID-19. All the male, female students, staff members, teacher and affiliated persons by the block are advised to quarantine at their houses. The border was quarantine in the hostels, all the rooms are closed, and policemen are there to check any entry there with full restrictions of candidates, faculty members and visitors there.

Staff and faculty member found coronavirus positive and Government Degree College Oghi was ealier sealed by the district administration and the examination centers was transfer in nearby schools. An official of Oghi said, all the institutes will be open and regular classes will be start in couple of days in all Oghi division.

Schools will remain open despite of pandemic coronavirus fear, Education Minister

Mansehra, There are chances of second wave of coronavirus in the country, but government has no planned to closure of educational institutes yet, said by Shafqat Mahmood Federal Minister for Education.

While speaking to the students at Batrasi Cadet College in Mansehra he said, With the blessing of Almighty Allah, we are in good position and can send out children to the schools, the decision of educational institutes closure was much successful in control of deadly virus now our children are save, and we have no plan to close the schools, now.

Improvement in education sector and each children education is the top priority of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

There are around 20 million school children in Pakistan, and bring them back to institues was a very big challenge, we have planned to utilize all the resouces to continue these children education, he said.

Batrasi Cadet College is a leading education institute with proven educational and discipline background and its services are concentrated for the best facilities to the youth of Pakistan.

Very elegantly guard of honour was presented by the aspirants of Batrasi Cadet College on the arrival of Education Minister.

He also offered Fateha for the souls of those who lost their lives in 2005 earthquake, flowered wreath at Yadgar-e-Shuhda and take oath from the board members.

Swimming pool of institute was also inaugurated by the Education Minister and watched the championship.

On October 15, he reject the fake news circulated on the social media regarding closure of educational institutes in the country.

He twitted, Fake news being circulated on social media that educational institutions will be closed on Oct 15. No truth in this.

Pakistan has successfully control the deadly pandemic virus, which has claimed more than 1,040,000 lives across the world.

After the approval from National Command and Operation Centre’s (NCOC) all the educational institutes reopened last month.

Parent-teacher councils PTS second phase starts

Peshawar, Second phase of parents-teachers councils (PTS) started on Monday by Elementary and Secondary Education Department. There will be utilization of Rs. four billion funds on the provision of missing basic facilities in educational institutes specially schools of seven districts of the province in this year.

Shahram Khan Tarakai Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education was the chief guest of ceremony which was held at Institutes of Management Sciences Peshawar.

Over 5,000 schools in the districts there has been already PTCs established by utilizing the PTC fund. In this (PTC second phase) more that 10,000 members of PTC will be training for the program.

PTC is a school-based module containing local influential residents, enrolled parents of the students and administration of the school.
German Agency for International Cooperation (Giz) and provincial government both are working together for the establishment of PTC and its members training. This program is working by German Agency for International Cooperation and funded by German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (BMZ) and financed by European Unions.

There total 5,890 school are the part of this program and 26 percent of schools are without boundary wall, 55 percent have no electricity, in 42 percent there is no toilet and 53 percent are without drinking water.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Tarakai strongly recommended to government for improvement of education in province in merged areas. He also highlighted the role of teachers and trainers in this program.

Which college to select after Matriculation exam?

The results of matriculation have been declared with students now looking to take admissions in various colleges. Some of the students look for admissions while other search out for jobs at such an early age for solving out their financial problems. However, a major number of individuals search out for various colleges so that they can opt for a relevant program and college. This article will help the students in learning the features associated with selecting an appropriate college, however, the suitability factor varies from one individual to the other. Educational system in Pakistan is unique in its nature because career counseling is scarce in our educational environment.

Usually, there is a huge focus on securing positions in boards and a never ending race has started but there are certain factors which are more important. Most of the students make a mistake is to select a college which is nearer to their home, however, this isn’t a considerable point while selecting a college. The basic feature of selecting a college should be quality of education. In addition to that, the other factors which shall be given importance in selecting a college is character building for its students, reputation of the college, market positioning and ratio of employability. Nevertheless, students have to meet a set of pre-requisites for securing an admission into any of the college.

One thing which students have to remember is that real life begins after Matric, so one has to firstly, plan and then start it wisely. Key factors were mentioned in the above paragraph, however, some of the other guiding elements can be the existence of college, faculty and their intellectual level, academic programs offered by the college, acceptability of students’ in the job market, fee structure, extra-curricular activities, affiliations and degree acceptance and lastly, facilities or infrastructure. All of these points are key aspects when choosing a college because they are equally important owing to their impact. Each of these have their importance, significance and are ranked on priority because they are directly linked with each single individual. Let us take a look at the criticalness of these aspects.

If a college is able to build characters of its students, a huge number of responsible citizens can be added into the active workforce. Education is not about being promoted from one level to the other but it is and should be more relevant with adding towards the knowledge of oneself. Hence, a college which focuses on quality rather than quantity is more important and shall be selected without any doubt. Position of a college in market also matters which helps students in getting admissions into leading universities and landing into good jobs in future. Furthermore, existence is a more relevant term with the market positioning as some of the colleges come with a bang but turn obsolete with a much faster rate, therefore, existence is also an important indicator.

At the end of the day, teachers / instructors or faculty are those individuals which help in training, developing, teaching and building the career of students. This means that importance of the faculty is also highly significant while making a choice of selecting a college. Extra-curricular activities keep the students motivated by keeping them involved in events, such as, sports, debates, and other societies. This has multiple benefits as some of the students are more oriented towards these extra-curricular activities which helps them in making their careers in these fields. Secondly, students can get themselves refreshed and energized from a monotonous routine. Most importantly, fee structure plays a huge role in the selection of college. This is due to the fact that education has become one of the leading businesses in Pakistan and a household has to select a college for their child based on their financial pocket. Nevertheless, there are still decent enough colleges that are providing affordable education along with scholarship opportunities as well.

Selecting the right college after matric is the first and foremost thing for moving one’s career in the right direction. Students need to keep their interests in focus too and shall select a program which best meets with their desires and future choices. We would like to advise all students to remain active and enjoy their college lives, however, keep visiting our website for any further details, suggestions and information related to the selection of an appropriate college.

Sindh not in favor of opening educational institutes simultaneously on 15th September

Education Minister of Sindh has advised all educational institutes to remain patient on the reopening as it can cause another crisis situation for the big cities and province at large. He was the first one who advocated for the reopening of schools among all provincial educational ministers but his views are not to open the schools on a same date. In the meeting of Sindh’s Steering Committee on Education, Saeed Ghani, Sindh’s Minister of Education said that schools shall be opened in a phase wise manner rather than simultaneously opening them on 15th September, 2020. All schools shall be allowed to open their gates but for only a few classes rather going back to the normal routine.

Steering committee and Minister were of the same views and recommendations were brought on the table in which 9th and 10th grades should be opened from 15th September, 2020. After careful observation and implementation of SOPs, grades 6 to 8 could be opened in the next week starting from 21st September, 2020. In a similar manner, after one or two weeks, students of grade 5 to 7 can be allowed to attend the schools. Remaining grades can then be opened after another week and in this manner, by the mid or end of October, all schools will revert back to their normal routine.

The reason of implementing such a model is that a small number of students and staff can be monitored effectively and if any crisis situation comes up, it could be managed and controlled immediately. On the other end, he also solved the long questioned matter of students getting admissions in private colleges. All of these colleges are demanding marks sheet on which he instructed Additional Secretary of Education to prepare and deliver marks sheet to all the students in coming week. The meeting was attended by all key stakeholders of Education within the Sindh province.

Lastly, Chairman of the Secondary and Inter Boards of Sindh informed to all that the results are about to be publicized soon. Final dates can change but there are high possibilities that 9th and 10th class results will be announced on 15th September, 2020 with 11th and 12th class results to be declared on 30th September, 2020. The marks sheets of all these students will be available after one week of results announcement.

LUMS getting reopened and what is their plan?



A Health and Safety Committee was established by LUMS in June 2020 which was aimed at searching opportunities for opening up the campus during pandemic. At that time, covid-19 had reached its height in the country with death going past three figures on daily basis and thousands of new entrants into effected list. Some of the notable professionals were involved in the process including Dr. Samia Altaf, who was heading the committee and now has joined LUMS in permanent capacity as Director of Campus Health and Safety. Some other notable members are also in the process of joining LUMS so that campus safety can be made exemplary as and when the campus opens up.


The committee has also discussed their working with the authorities of DHA and shared safety plans with local hospitals and graveyards. In general, the approach was appreciated by various stakeholders. One of the members from Government of Punjab’s lockdown strategy has also been brought on board. Dr. Shaper Mirza has joined as Associate Professor at School of Science and Engineering in LUMS. The management is of the view that covid-19 cases will remerge when the population gathers and meets each other as it is observed in less effected or infection free countries. The countries where infection has been very minimal or zero, cases have start emerging on the scene as soon as the economy has opened up including Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, France, Germany and Spain.


Possibility of a raise in cases can be predicted as universities are places of mass gathering as said by Director of LUMS. The same trend has been witnessed in United States, where some of the universities had to close down their operations after few days of opening up. In general, LUMS is trying to act positively by implementing all SOPs so that positive cases can be avoided. More importantly, management of LUMS is aware of the fact that virus is here to stay and entire population has to live with it for at least a year or two. In response to that, LUMS is planning a phase wise start starting from 15th September, 2020.


Retake fee reduced by Cambridge for the October and November Exam


In order to respond to the disagreement of students and institutes, Cambridge issued revised grades and now have also reduced retake registration fee for the October-November exam. Students who are not satisfied with their awarded grades in May-June exams can appear in the exam for improving their respective grades. With a lot of pressure being exerted on Cambridge, the fee cut has been welcomed by most. Cambridge now recognizing the fact that there could be a large number of people appearing in the October-November 2020 exam, hence, they had reduced the retake registration fee to 50%.


Cambridge had cancelled the May-June exam due to outbreak of corona virus and announced a 4-steo process for awarding marks. Schools were asked to share the performances of students with predicting their grades. An announcement was also made by Cambridge which stated that students will be awarded grades on the basis of their performances and predicted grades by their schools. Students were similarly awarded grades in last week but that was in total opposition to what they had expected. Students rejected the results in large numbers and took social media to show their anger.


In response to such anger, Cambridge and Federal Ministry of Education also discussed the matter with one another. As a result, Cambridge is now in the process of announcing revised grades for all students. Schools predicted grades will now be given primary importance with higher grade being awarded to the students if Cambridge predicts a lower grade in comparison to school’s grade. Meanwhile, Cambridge has also advised the schools to communicate the changes in grades to their students so that they are aware of the arrangements being made by Cambridge for maximum facilitation of students.

Financial Assistance Policy launched by Allama Iqbal Open University


Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is one of the major academic centers in the country. Thousands of students are currently enrolled with the university with this number increasing every day. In order to facilitate the students owing to corona virus, AIOU has announced its new financial assistance policy. As per university’s newly launched policy, AIOU will provide financial assistance to poor, physically challenged people, prisoners, transgenders and children of martyrs. This policy has been launched for the admissions of Autumn semester of 2020. The future of these classes shall be discussed at a later stage that whether there will be any physical classes or continue through online teaching but admissions are now open.


A decent enough amount has already been allocated to the Financial Assistance Fund of the university so that needy students can be facilitated. This practice is followed every year for uplifting the under privileged people of the society. But this year, it is being enhanced in comparison to all previous years for increasing the scope of financial assistance owing to the economic and financial crisis caused by the deadly virus across the world. Vice Chancellor of the university said that AIOU is aimed at social and economic development of society and they will continue to work on it. Director of Students Advisory and Counseling, Rana Muhammad Tariq Javed said that all of the students as mentioned above can apply for the financial assistance by obtaining a form for fee concession from Regional Offices of AIOU.


Nevertheless, the form can also be downloaded from the website of AIOU and detailed information regarding the financial assistance can also be acquired through the official website. Afterwards, the form can be filled accordingly as per the category of applicant. Furthermore, this facility has also been made available for the existing students. Those students who are studying currently shall fill in the forms in the same manner as new students would be required and then submit their forms to their respective regional offices. However, a cut-off date for existing and new students has been determined by the university. Existing students can submit their forms to their respective regional offices not later than 24th August, 2020 and new students shall apply for fee concession by 31st August, 2020.