Misuse of social media; Department of Education takes big action

In the city of Jhelum in Punjab, the education department has taken major action on the misuse of social media.

According to details, CEO Education suspended three teachers, all of whom were found involved in political activities on social media.

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The suspended teachers used immoral messages and social media to express their political affiliation.

CEO Education Wilayat Shah said that these teachers have been suspended for taking action against Miss Conduct.

Education CEO Wilayat Shah added that action would be taken against any government teacher who used social media for illegal activities.

Important news for students, large scale assessment exam postponed

Important news for students, Large scale assessment examination of 4th, 5th and 8th standard children in schools has been postponed.

According to sources, under the Punjab Examination Commission, the large scale assessment examination of 4th, 5th and 8th standard children in schools has been postponed due to incomplete arrangements. The examination was to be held this week. The test was to be taken in selected schools.

Sources said that the large scale assessment examination has been postponed for one week. The large scale assessment examination was held to assess the performance of the children.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, the Punjab Examination Commission had issued a date sheet for the Large Scale Assessment Test, according to which English was to be on April 22, Urdu on April 23, Mathematics on April 25 and Science on April 26.

A big decision was made regarding unregistered schools

Admission of children in unregistered schools was also declared illegal, in the light of the decision of the provincial ombudsman, the school education department issued a notification.

Action has been decided against unregistered schools. In this regard, the school education department has requested records from all education authorities. The education authorities will provide records of unregistered schools within two days.

The Department of School Education has also declared admissions in unregistered schools as illegal. In the light of the decision of the Provincial Ombudsman, the Department of School Education has issued a notification.

Big news Matriculation and Intermediate exams may be affected

Most of the administrative posts in Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education are vacant. Matriculation and Inter examinations are feared to be affected.

Due to lack of interest in filling up the administrative posts of Chairman Lahore Board, most of the posts of officers and employees in the board have become vacant and administrative matters have come to a standstill.

Most of the officers and employees are retiring waiting for promotion. The posts of Deputy Controller Inter, Matric Assistant Controller and Assistant Secretary Finance are vacant, which may affect the matriculation and entrance examinations The position of the employee providing certificates to the children of Vali Asami, Matric and Inter has also been vacant for a long time.

Due to vacancies in administrative posts, children are facing difficulties in obtaining scholarships and certificates. Board officials said that work is underway to fill the vacancies.

Numerous errors revealed in teacher service records

Numerous errors in teacher service records revealed, CEOs of education authorities empowered to correct records.

According to sources, teachers from all over Punjab will no longer have to come to Lahore for accuracy of their service records. Teachers will be able to correct errors from their own district CEO’s office. Errors in records of other appointments will be corrected.

Teachers say that giving access to school information system to the chief executive officer is a welcome decision, valuable time of teachers will not be wasted and they will be able to correct the record from their own district.

Fear of spreading dengue in schools, Education Department in action, gave a big order

As the weather changed, there was a danger of dengue mosquito spreading in the schools.

According to sources, there is a fear of dengue mosquito affecting the health of children in public and private schools.

The letter directed that daily activities should be carried out for the control of dengue mosquito and pictures and reports of these activities should be prepared and sent to the department. Orders must be implemented otherwise strict action will be taken.

It should be noted that dengue fever is caused by the bite of a certain type of mosquito. Significant symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, headache, nausea, severe pain in joints and muscles and diarrhea. The risk is high at the time, long sleeve shirt should be worn during these times, do not go out of the house unnecessarily, water should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere in the house.

Medical experts say that mosquito repellent should be sprayed on the beds of plants and oxen, mosquito repellent lotion should be applied on exposed parts of the body, mouth and arms, and mosquito repellent spray, coils and mats should be used in homes and offices. Keep windows and doors closed.

New ban on government schools

The education department has banned the purchase of question papers for annual papers in government schools from book depots.

Last year, it was revealed that question papers made from book depots in schools were used to test children. According to the Department of Education, there is a risk of children failing due to out-of-course question papers purchased from outside. Teachers will prepare question papers according to the syllabus taught.

The Education Department has said that the question papers for the annual examinations from 1st to 8th class will be prepared by the teachers themselves. Action will be taken against the concerned school heads for violating the orders.

On the other hand, the Punjab Examination Commission has released the date sheet for the Large Scale Assessment Test. There will be English paper on April 22, Urdu paper on April 23, Mathematics paper on April 25 and Science paper on April 26.

A new challenge for school principals, an important decision

Difficulties in payment of electricity bills to school heads, decision to shift 4 higher secondary schools to solar energy, transfer of schools to solar energy will save crores of rupees annually, after saving money can be spent on children’s welfare schemes. Will.

The Department of School Education has announced to convert 4 higher secondary schools of the city to solar energy. Government Girls Higher Secondary School Deos Samaj Road, Manga Mandi, Umar Block Allama Iqbal Town and Ravi Road Shahdara will be shifted to Solar Energy.

More than 3,000 students are studying in these schools. Funds will be provided by a third party for the transfer of schools to solar energy. The department has directed the school heads to cooperate with the contractors.

The department said that shifting schools to solar energy would lead to significant savings in electricity bills, with school heads being able to spend funds on female students’ education instead of submitting bills.

Great news for female teachers

The Secretary School Education has promoted 71 female teachers of grade 19 to grade 20.

According to the details, the Secretary Schools Education has issued a formal notification of promotions of female teachers in Grade 20, while also ordering their deployment at various stations.

Among the women who have been promoted are Tahira Parveen, Shehzina Siddique, Arusa Siddique, Samina Ilyas, Tehseen Saadia, while Mrs. Razia, Samia Nisar, Sajida Tahir, Safia Nasreen, Rubina Sabahat and others have also been promoted.

Good initiative of education department, establishment of council in schools is mandatory

In order to monitor the performance of schools, a good initiative of the education department, establishment of councils in private and government schools has been declared mandatory.

According to the Department of School Education, the school council will consist of 7 members, the principal will be the chairman of the school council, the teacher, the father and the educationist will be the members of the school council. Or will be formed on their direction, a member will be appointed by the District Education Authority, the school council will be elected for 2 years.

Sources said that the school council meeting must be held every month, the complaint box will be placed at the main gate of the school, all the complaints will be opened before the school council members, parents’ complaints regarding violence, sexual harassment. Will be resolved under the supervision of the school council. The budget record including extra-curricular activities will also have to be kept in the school council.

Education department officials said that the registration of private schools which did not form a school council would be canceled.