BISE Sargodha Board Inter Result 2022

Intermediate examinations are scheduled in the month of April every year. The examinations are conducted by all the educational boards of Punjab. BISE Sargodha practices similar methodology and exams were conducted successfully in the same month with following the schedule. One of the most important exams is intermediate exams because it marks the completion of board examinations. However, once the exams are completed; students, teachers, parents and institutes are excited yet nervous about the results. The conduction of exams is highly important as BISE Sargodha Board Inter Result 2022 is dependent on it. Once the exams are conducted then the boards have to develop a rigorous plan of paper collection and its checking. The board is committed to check the papers by practicing its principles of fairness and transparency.

Pakistan BISEs Boards Inter Result 2022

BISE Sargodha Inter Result 2022

However, the exams have been conducted and now all are waiting for the result announcement. BISE Sargodha realizes the criticalness of such an important matter and is in constant discussion with all the other educational boards of Punjab. There are various educational boards in Punjab that work for their jurisdictions only, whereas, the government of Punjab urges and promotes a common face, hence, all the educational boards decide on a mutually agreed decision. BISE Sargodha is planning to announce the schedule of the results declaration quite soon. The announcement regarding the results and its tentative schedule can be announced at any time during the current month. The announcement will entail the details related to the declaration and availability of the result to the students. The students need not worry as BISE Sargodha is trying hard to declare it on time. The possible declaration can be between September to October.

BISE Sargodha and BISE Faisalabad were among the initial educational governing bodies in the country. Since the emergence of Pakistan on the world map, the country established BISE Lahore as the sole educational governing body in the country. Owing to the need for better management, BISE Sargodha was formulated in 1968 under the West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance, 1968. The country’s name changed from being West Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, hence, the current act through which the boards are managed is Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, 1978. The operations of BISE Sargodha were shifted to the city of Sargodha after 7 years of its formulation.

Sargodha Board Inter Result 2022

BISE Sargodha had come a long way forward as its jurisdictions were bifurcated in 1978 and 1988 due to the emergence of new boards of Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. The current building of BISE Sargodha is located in Satellite Town, Sargodha which is in its use since 1988. The current jurisdictions of the board include Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab and Bhakkar. BISE Sargodha like all the other boards is highly independent and doesn’t take any loan, funds or aid from the government of Punjab. The board has a budget of 800 Million annually and is administered according to the financial year starting from July and ending in June. The savings in the year 2018 were 40 Million. The various sections referred as branches of the board include Admin, Finance, Registration, Stores, Press, Welfare, Physical Education, Estate, Records and Litigations, Examination, Audit, Research, Certificates and Examination.

The examination systems in the world are an important tool for evaluation. The systems of evaluation may vary from one country to another, however, some sort of examination does exist in all the countries of the world. The best educational systems rated by international organizations are Finland, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Belgium. Each one of them has a different system but examination do exist. Likewise, there may be some problems in the educational system of Pakistan due to which we are not among the best systems in the world but one can only achieve and become a change agent by successfully passing these exams. These examinations will testify the knowledge of individuals and make them eligible for promotion to a higher level.

The knowledge is of no use if it cannot be applied and shared to solve problems and help people. In order to apply and share, one has to get his / her knowledge recognized. The recognition mechanism available in the country is through these examination systems. The exams of matric and inter are crucial as they help one in getting prepare for the future. People like Dr. AQ Khan, Maleeha Lodhi, Imran Khan, Asma Jahangir, Benazir Bhutto, Dr. Israr Ahmad, Hasan Askari and many more a product of this very system. Yes, one can argue their foreign exposure and qualifications but they were able to travel abroad and study based on their initial credentials testified by the examination system of Pakistan. Thus, we encourage the students to aim for excellence and by scoring well in the intermediate results for 2022.