Women self-defense training

The self-defense class’s objective to stop violence against women by solidifying women’s capability and aptitude to defend themselves. With the rapid increase in daily cases of girl’s harassment, loot, barberry, torture, rapes, murders, and domestic violence, etc., society has raised a great challenge for women. Society for the women was never a bed of roses; instead, it was a game of thrones for girls. Especially the working ladies, outgoing girls for education face such issue more and they do not feel safe on road. No doubt education is making the girls aware of their surroundings and in the present era, the girls know their rights and duties. They are working parallel to men but yet there is no safe corner for the girls on this planet. It would not be wrong to say that there are many men supporting girls for their bright future and strong career. On the contrary, there are men on the same planet making survival difficult for them. Not only this, but a few ladies are also involved in such crimes equal to men. Such ladies plan properly to catch the girls with the criminal partners. In this situation, survival is severely difficult. We should be alarmed about the sexual role, the girl’s physical education, and self-defense because admittance and systematic participation is a vital human right. It is a central social right because consistent participation in self-defense training is a crucial component of a strong existence.

Govt has given the rights to women in the light of Islamic rules. But there are no 100% transparent systems in Pakistan because black sheep exist everywhere. Our conservative society with suppressed minds thinks that women going out of the house are bold with no moralities. So here a need arises to help one’s self on her own. In our country, there are many physical training centers where proper physical and self-defense training is provided. There girls and boys are told to tackle the alarming issues. Physical training centers are everywhere in Pakistan but the actual need is to train school-going girls. This age of girl’s needs special attention towards brought up. Last year, there were plenty of rape cases about school-going girls. Girls should be trained at the school level with self-defense activities so that they can save themselves from upcoming problems on the road, home, school, or anywhere. Physical and self-defense education has the latent to endorse peace, improve individual assets essential to consensuses such as control, forbearance, cohesion, assistance, and esteem, and provide a means of insertion for marginalised entities and assemblies.

The intricacy and complicated nature of the delinquent of girls’ input in self-defense should be recognized and entirely implicit. It is a sound observation that women who take part in self-defense training are less likely to indulge in sexual attacks and are more self-reliant, confident, and active in their ability to efficiently counterattack and resist as compared to other women who have not attended such training in any class. But the issue to afford such classes is also an irony. Financial issues are preventing the public to attend such classes. Besides, special defense classes or training centers are very few in Pakistan and costly too. Therefore women are relying on protecting tools like sprays and Tasers. Women have been using sprays, needles, and other equipment to protect themselves from such cases. After the motorway rape cases, it is observed that Tasers Seles is has skyrocketed.

But where the government has declared laws and women’s rights, same on the way training centers should be established. This kind of training should be mandatory at the school and college level. Because, rules and regulation violence and their abolishment is seen everywhere in the country. So it is mandatory for women to not look for a helping hand but to help them by learning some special skills.

Written by: Mehreen Akhtar (mehreenakhtar14@gmail.com)