Matriculation, Inter examinations risk of being affected; There is a big reason

The Lahore Board is facing severe shortage of examination staff due to refusal of school teachers to perform their examination duties.

According to the details, hundreds of teachers did not report to the center superintendent despite the imposition of examination duty. Due to the absence of teachers, the center superintendent has to arrange staff on his own. Of

It has been said that teachers should not be prevented from performing their duties by the school heads. Taking note of the matter, the school education department has directed the school heads to issue immediate NOC to the teachers for their duties.

Important announcement regarding holidays in educational institutions

Summer vacations have been announced for educational institutions in Balochistan.

Summer vacation has been announced for the educational institutions of Balochistan for which notification has been issued. According to the notification, educational institutions in Balochistan will remain closed from May 15 to July 31. Educational activities in Balochistan will start from August 1.

Roll number slip of ninth class candidates issued

Board of Education issues roll number slips of ninth class candidates.

According to the report, the annual examinations of the ninth class will start from May 26. Candidates will be able to download the roll number slip from the website of the Board of Education. More than 270,000 candidates will participate in the ninth class examinations this year.

760 examination centers have been set up for ninth class examination. Section 144 will be implemented in all examination centers. Unauthorized persons will not be allowed to enter the examination centers. Practical examination under education boards will start from June 21.

Great news for teachers across Punjab

Consideration is being given to lifting the ban on transfers of 4 lakh teachers across Punjab including Lahore. The exchange ban will be lifted in the last week of May.

According to the School Education Department, online applications for teacher transfers will be received in the last week of May. Conversion orders will be issued in the last week of June.

The online record of teachers will be corrected before the transfer ban is lifted.

The school education department has instructed that all the data of teachers should be corrected before one week.

Large negligence of administration in matric exams, students upset

Administrative negligence in the frog exams, the calculation paper for Saturday was distributed yesterday instead of the English paper.

According to the details, administrative errors started appearing in the examinations due to the appointment of staff on the recommendation of the Lahore Board administration.

According to the sources, a serious mistake was made due to the negligence of all the staff including the center superintendent who brought the pamphlet from the bank. Later, the Lahore Board administration also started running. The Lahore Board office remained open till late at night and the pamphlets sent to all the 760 centers were called back.

Question papers were called from all the centers in Lahore but question papers were not called from the centers of Danish schools in different districts.

On the mistake of the administration, the higher education department said that due to these mistakes, questions are being raised on the secrecy of the examinations, the matter is under notice and a report has been sought from the chairman of Lahore Education Board in this regard.

Extreme heat wave next week, school hours change

The health department has issued instructions to schools to protect children from extreme heat and fever. Change working hours and start school early in the morning.

According to the report, a letter issued by the health department said that all schools should set up an emergency helpline for the health of children and schools should be set up early in the morning to protect them from extreme heat.

Similarly, it has been said that children should not be allowed to participate in sports during school hours. Children should be seated in shady and airy rooms instead of in the sun. According to the letter, the education authorities will implement the orders in all cases.

The working hours of annual papers have been changed from 1st to 8th class in schools. Now papers will be taken from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Earlier, papers were being taken from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. That the change in working hours has been due to an increase in the intensity of heat,

It may be recalled that due to severe heat wave in 2016 and 2021, the working hours of schools in Punjab were changed and schools were ordered to be closed from 7 am to 11 am. Avoid the heat wave caused by warming.

Important news about afternoon school

The After Noon School Program did not receive the funds of Rs. 1.60 billion allocated this year. Despite repeated requests from the Department of School Education, Punjab, the funds were not released.

The budget for the after-school was allocated under the development program. The Punjab Department of School Education requested the Finance Department and the P&D Board that three months have passed but they have not been given this budget.

School Education Punjab says that due to non-receipt of budget, after school program is being affected administratively because under this program, evening hours were being taught in government schools. There is no budget.

Big decision regarding privately run schools

The final decision to confirm the enrollment of children of more than 4,000 schools run under public-private partnership will be severely punished if it is found to be fake enrollment.

It was decided to certify the children of schools run under public-private partnership.

There are 4,000 schools under the management of Pima Authority, about 300,000 children are studying in these schools.

Officers of the Department of School Education will verify the children, the Department of School Education will formulate a mechanism for the verification of these children.

Matric Exams, Great news for the students

Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has issued roll number slip to matriculation students. The examination will be held from May 10.

Lahore Board has issued roll number slip to matriculation students. Students will also be able to download roll number slip from Lahore Board website. Matriculation examination will be taken from May 10. 270,000 students will participate in the matriculation examination. 699 examination centers have been set up for matriculation examination.

It should be noted that the first paper will be from May 10 while the papers of Arabic, Sox and Business Studies will be in the coming days. The last paper of Pakistan Studies will be on May 25. Similarly, ninth class papers will start from May 26 and will continue till June 10. Practical examinations will be conducted between June 21 and July 18.

Important announcement of Education Department for enrollment of children in schools

The school education department has announced to start enrollment campaign in schools from May 1.

New classes will be started in government schools from August 1, but the admission campaign will be started in schools from May 1.

The current academic year will end on March 31, 2023. The school heads will be allowed to run a cheap advertising campaign for admissions. The school council will play its role for admissions. All admissions will be entered on the school information system.