Committee formed for bringing technology into education sector


Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training has formed a committee for bringing a blend of technology into education sector. Entire world has gone to online platforms for the purpose of imparting education and Pakistan has been of no difference either. A meeting was presided by Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister of Education in which Education and Technology sectors were involved. He is of the view that there are many hurdles in the way of education, hence, technology can only play a role in solving those issues.

At the end of meeting, a committee was formed led by Additional Secretary of Education, Mohiyuddin Ahmed Vani. The aim of this committee will be to develop an implementation plan for bringing technology into the education sector. Federal Minister also stressed on public – private sector institutes partnerships in bringing them together on one page. Ed-Tech companies were thanked by the ministry of education as it was to their credit that ministry was able to execute a successful tele-school initiative.

At this very moment, it was also mutually agreed that all previous educational systems have been terminated and now technology is the only way forward. A technology-based model will be now used for the purpose of content development, teachers training, development of rural areas and monitoring of teachers and students as well.

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