Dealing with Stress over Exam Results

Once the students appear for exams, the very next step that is awaited are the results. There are high levels of stress during the preparation and examination system, however, the stress during the results is not considered. Students study for a whole year and appear for the exams. The entire year is revised in matter of days and entire knowledge is tested in space of hours. It would not be wrong to say that yearly performance is evaluated within a space of 2 to 3 hours. Once the students appear for exams, the next critical phase approaching the individuals are the results of those exams. The stress levels are heightened during such times, therefore, following areas shall be addressed so that it can be better managed.

Emotional Intelligence

As students across the country await their results every year, the levels of stress raise along with promotion of anxiety among the students. It is not the result itself but the decisions that are associated with the results. These decisions become the basis of stress emergence. The results are closely associated with immediate and long term decisions. The best approach of reducing the stress levels is that the students shall prior to the results can decide university, course, and career path. Not only this, a realistic Plan B shall also be devised that if the things don’t go as per the planning so there is still something to execute. If still an individual is left with some time, the worrying about friends shall be done and they shall be suggested some useful plans for their future.

Stress can also sometimes enhance the performance level of individuals as it gets better out of the person. Contrary to that, usually stress levels have a negative impact on the health of individuals and is a cause of many other diseases. The side effects do vary for individuals but common features of stress are pain, fatigue, palpitations, muscle tension, low attitude, blood pressures and compromised decision making.

Nevertheless, emotional intelligence is the only way forward as students who do not achieve expected grades find it hard to cope with negative emotions. The day is crucial and pressure is enormous so some individuals really crash. However, cognitive skills, psychological control, and flexibility are the way to go. Emotional Intelligence is required by the students to control their emotions and let stress not disturb them.

Deep Breathes

Psychologists are those professionals who deal with stress related people on daily basis. The people visiting these psychologists experience different symptoms of stress but at the same time, psychologists are the best people in this community for suggesting certain stress management techniques. Once an individual takes stress, their biological and psychological mechanism tends to get disturbed. The chest or stomach can tighten up and a sense of fear is built within these individuals. This promotes more negative thoughts among them and can have worst impacts on health. The best stress management technique in such a scenario is taking deep breaths so that the sensations in body can be calmed down. This will not only result in physical comfort but gives confidence to the individual as well.

Mindfulness Peace

Furthermore, any mindfulness practice can be used for eliminating stress and increasing the positivity. For instance, some of the students can get relaxed by watching a movie, a comedy program or any other activity which they feel as relaxing. It will take away the negative emotions for a moment and this taking away of such emotions will ease the stress levels.

Time Travel

At last, students think about future and get worried due to which they gain stress. In order to avoid, such situations, the students shall travel through time. They should think about past events which were of high value in which success was achieved. Any other similar situation can be thought of in which they emerged as victorious. This will help the individuals by staying in present rather than thinking about what is to come.

Personal Reflection

Sometimes, students fail to perform to the expected levels and hence, it is natural to get worried. There is a continuous disturbance among the individuals and peace of mind can never be achieved. The best possible solution to such a situation is personal reflection but it can’t be practiced directly rather there is a need to follow a top down approach. Firstly, emotions shall be controlled on the grounds of practicing emotional intelligence. Secondly, deep breath shall be taken so that the stress levels are reduced. Moreover, now an individual is ready for personal reflection. One needs to reflect that what has gone wrong and to consider what can be done for improving the future.

For instance, the students might find that anxiety was a key factor in bad performance, revision was poorly constructed, the efforts were started very late and perhaps some of the life events contributed to unsatisfactory performance. The best method of personal reflection can be to discuss the observations with an objective listener. This will be highly helpful as those listeners will build confidence and facilitate in developing coping strategies for those individuals. In a nutshell, individuals themselves can appraise the past events and determine the level of importance to certain practices being ignored previously. The existing situation can be reframed so that a new narrative is built and achieved.

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