Fear of spreading dengue in schools, Education Department in action, gave a big order

As the weather changed, there was a danger of dengue mosquito spreading in the schools.

According to sources, there is a fear of dengue mosquito affecting the health of children in public and private schools.

The letter directed that daily activities should be carried out for the control of dengue mosquito and pictures and reports of these activities should be prepared and sent to the department. Orders must be implemented otherwise strict action will be taken.

It should be noted that dengue fever is caused by the bite of a certain type of mosquito. Significant symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, headache, nausea, severe pain in joints and muscles and diarrhea. The risk is high at the time, long sleeve shirt should be worn during these times, do not go out of the house unnecessarily, water should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere in the house.

Medical experts say that mosquito repellent should be sprayed on the beds of plants and oxen, mosquito repellent lotion should be applied on exposed parts of the body, mouth and arms, and mosquito repellent spray, coils and mats should be used in homes and offices. Keep windows and doors closed.