Good initiative of education department, establishment of council in schools is mandatory

In order to monitor the performance of schools, a good initiative of the education department, establishment of councils in private and government schools has been declared mandatory.

According to the Department of School Education, the school council will consist of 7 members, the principal will be the chairman of the school council, the teacher, the father and the educationist will be the members of the school council. Or will be formed on their direction, a member will be appointed by the District Education Authority, the school council will be elected for 2 years.

Sources said that the school council meeting must be held every month, the complaint box will be placed at the main gate of the school, all the complaints will be opened before the school council members, parents’ complaints regarding violence, sexual harassment. Will be resolved under the supervision of the school council. The budget record including extra-curricular activities will also have to be kept in the school council.

Education department officials said that the registration of private schools which did not form a school council would be canceled.

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