Good news for teachers, ban imposed from today

The good news for teachers across Punjab, including Lahore, is that the ban on teacher transfers has been lifted.

According to the details, from today, teachers will be able to submit applications for transfer. More than 300,000 teachers across Punjab will be able to apply for transfer. Applications for transfer can be submitted till March 25. Papers for transfer from April 26 to 8. Verification orders will be issued on April 12.

Earlier, the provincial education minister Murad Rass had said in a statement that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) during its tenure had created facilities for teachers and an online app has been developed for all office and administrative functions of the school education department.

He said that now teachers can do all their work from home. E. of the School Education Department. As a result of the transfer policy, so far more than 74,000 teachers have been transferred from home in a transparent manner. As a result, not only were teachers more comfortable, but so were bribery cases.

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