Government announces opening of schools with revised schedule of examination

A recent announcement by Punjab Government is welcomed among many including students, institutes and all other stakeholders. Ministry of Education of Punjab Government has announced revised schedule of examination with opening up of all educational institutes. The entire province of Punjab will open all schools, colleges and universities from 1st June, 2020. However, the ministry of education has notified that the operations shall be carried out by following a set of SOPs for schools and examination conduct. The preparation for those SOPs has already been initiated.

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While briefing about the basic rules and regulations, the education ministry briefed that schools will be opened for four hours only from 7:00 AM onwards to 11:00 AM. These timings shall be followed for a brief period till 14th August only. Timings will be reversed to normal from 15th August, 2020. All the public schools are advised to open their admissions from 1st June, 2020 for the classes between Montessori to Eighth standard. Lastly, the examinations for matric and inter of 2020 will also be conducted in the month of June. The timings for secondary schools shall be for four hours but for primary schools, these timings will be further reduced. Similarly, the schools which are running double shifts will also follow same timings for both the shifts.

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