How to react on the results day

The preparation and sitting in examinations can be extremely tough as it is highly demanding and is one of the targeted approach. The students stretch themselves a great deal in order to keep their preparation at par. There are plenty of steps and milestones that one achieves in order to stage oneself at an appropriate place before the commencement of exams. Once the exams began, students don’t need to worry and they should not be thinking regarding their past. Similarly, once the exams are completed, the results are anticipated. However, the results day is not an easy one as it brings lot of excitement and surprises with it. The surprises can give pleasure and even can be of unwelcoming nature too.

Students have certain queries in their mind that how will they react to different situations on the day of result. It is more like a day of your approval or withdrawal as months of efforts are being either rewarded or dejected. Nevertheless, we provide guidelines for the students on certain queries that they might have in their mind regarding the results. The guidelines will help the students in controlling themselves and responding better to various situations. The commonly asked questions by the results expecting students are as follow:

  1. Do I need anything with me on results day?
  2. What if I am unable to check through the website?
  3. What happens if I do really badly?
  4. What if I do better than expected?
  5. What if I change my mind about my future studies?

The students are advised to firstly get up early in the morning and start their day in the morning with either walk or some exercise. The morning walk or exercise will ease the mental and physical pressure, hence, the body and mind will be in peace. Secondly, starting the day early will ease the nervousness too as the result usually is announced by 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Once the result is made public and students are about to view their results, they are advised to keep their roll number slips with them. The students shall also keep their mobile phones or telephone sets near them as they might need to call someone. These calls could be in case of any emergency or in a situation of happiness and excitement as well.

There are millions of students associated with various educational boards and due to high traffic of visitors, the pressure on the website is increased. This causes the page of website to go down and hence, students are unable to view their results. A situation like this can creep in the nervousness among the students. It can lead towards anxiety and stress not only for the students but for their friends and family too. In a scenario, when result is unable to view on the website, the students can go to various other online platforms that displays the results. Other avenues of such nature can be used so that the result can be viewed in time without causing any physical or mental stress.

The students work really hard for the exams and it is really sad when someone performs badly. There could be numerous reasons of such a performance, sometimes the papers aren’t marked properly or the examiners are very harsh on the students. In both cases, the performances of the individuals drop, however, the student has the choice of requesting the board to recheck their papers. This rechecking can often help the students in turning their performances from bad to average or even good at sometimes. Nevertheless, there could be a situation where the questions were not attempted rightly and a student had actually performed badly. Hence, there is a need for the students to take a decision that whether they need to recheck their paper or improve their grades by either revising the year or attempting the same exam again.

If a student does better than expected, firstly, being a religious follower, we shall advise and encourage the students to thank the Almighty. The parents shall be informed secondly and then the future plans shall be adjusted accordingly. The areas of good performance shall be highlighted and identified as areas of strength. Mostly, right after the exams, one has to opt for a professional degree, therefore, the areas of high and low performance shall be identified clearly. This identification will help in attending a program that is best fit with the key strength areas or aspects.

The plan of future studies can be changed as some students fail to perform as per expected levels, whereas, others perform above the expected level. This can change the way one idealizes their future, hence, the future studies can be planned accordingly. The selection of future studies is a guiding principle for the professional lives of the individuals, thus, it is never too late to change the plan of future studies. Sometimes, the students are uncertain of their future and opt for an international university rather than studying within the country. It is fine to change the course of study as long as it is aligned with the interests. This can help in making the right decision. Lastly, it is about advocating one’s aim of changing the plan so that the support of friends and family can be acquired.

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