How to study effectively during lockdown

Study at home is like a blurred image, where you don’t know the existence and significance of a task that should be done at first. “How to study effectively during lockdown?” is a question that students are raising through social media and other resources because schools are facing on and off situation and student are compelled to sit at home and study online or own their own.

Home course indulges into schoolwork and entertainment leaks the concentration of study. There are no proper bells, teacher’s guidance and orders, change of periods, face-to-face lectures and many other aspects lack that make the study environment. It is said that a person makes their environment. Vibes generate inside the human body develop an environment at the mental level. Once you make your mind then the next step is to implement the thoughts in the real world. There are no hard and fast rules for exam preparation because every student has his mindset and house environment where he knows the best to fit according to his ease.

Here are the thoughts and plans we have analysed after studying different students during their exam preparation that they adopt to gain good marks. Not only this, but these methods are also helpful for other students.

Ignore frustration

Don’t get panic or frustrated due to the short time of preparation and lengthy course. First of all, make yourself relaxed and calm and ignore tensions and frustration as it can lower your working and learning stamina. A sound mind can perform better than a tired mind. Tensions and frustration can tire the mind and soul. So don’t lose hope and never lessen your spirit of working.

Select Important Chapters

One by one note all the important chapters of all books. Take help from past papers and mark important topics and chapters.

Schedule your timing on a time table

Divide the syllabus into the days remaining in starting exams. Then design a timetable just like periods in your institute. Give more time to those books which need more attention or you find them difficult for you. Keep break time also part of your timetable so that your mind can get some relaxation from continuous studies. A timetable can give you feel like you are sitting in the classroom. Don’t be pressurize while you are studying as it can lose your memory.

Practice make perfect

Learning is not enough if you are preparing for exams. A few bright students are having the ability to learn with just one-time practice or reading. But those students are in majority who take time in learning things and studying at home is a real challenge for those students. Such students need practical practice. If they are learning theories they should write them after learning them orally. Practice the mathematics questions more and more so that they can be at their fingertips.

If you are learning some language literature or essay writing then reading must be your habit. In essay writing note important heading and topics on the notebook. Practice letter and application format so that you can be prevented from any writing mistake on paper. Once you have done with writing that you have learned orally, read it again thoroughly as it can be crosscheck.


Design your test session in which give tests to yourself. Write every content that you have learned and then check it personally so that you can be aware of your weakness in studies. It would be best if there is a highly educated person is present at your home and he can give you time in your studies and willing to check your tests. That person gives you more guidance in your learning and can highlight your mistakes.

Once you come to know about your mistakes, correct them and try to never repeat them. This way, there will be time management skills with no mistakes will be developed inside you. You will learn from your mistake without losing your chance in exams you would be better prepared.

Stay In touch with friends

Friends and class fellows are helpful in studies because they have all the study material. So stay in touch with them and share your data with them and ask them to share their knowledge and information too. So that you can be up to date with current important exam questions.

Follow Paper Pattern and Paper Scheme

Paper patterns and paper schemes are already shared every year before exams on the relative website of the exam authority so that students can follow them. During COVID-19 new paper schemes and paper patterns have been shared by all exam conducting entities. Students should follow them so that they can meet the necessary criteria of exams to pass.

Last, always follow the summaries of the chapters there is already mentioned about the important topics with the percentage of importance regarding exams point of view.

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