Huawei to provide online training and examination

The situation of Corona Virus has caused education to hamper the most. Most importantly, the gaps among countries and their educational systems can widen up. Not only this, the digital gaps can extend too as the economies are already struggling to find their way. The sole solution to such a problem is the provision of online education. This sort of education not only provides the problem of addressing continuity in education but is also one of the effective measures to keep the economy circulating. Various international organizations are putting in their efforts to curb the spread of COVID – 19. In such a state, Huawei Pakistan has taken initiative of conducting online training and exams.

The programs are available through an online platform with provision of financial support from the ICT Academy of Huawei. The academy is recognized with the name of ADIF (Academy Development Incentive Fund). High quality resources are used to train the aspirants with examination facility. This is done to ensure the availability of constant educational facilities for the students. Recently, Huawei’s Learn On program has brought the experts of UNESCO and professors of universities for discussing proven global practices in order to mitigate the impact of pandemic. Huawei Pakistan helped the country by including 20 different officials into that program. The participants from Pakistan included VCs, Deans, Pro-Rectors and Registrars of the leading universities in the country.

The views from attendees were appreciable as VC of Quaid e Azam University Islamabad rated his experience as outstanding. He further added that efforts of Huawei shall be appreciated with more companies of such nature to engage in these sort of activities. The webinars of such nature can help the local universities to provide quality education via various online platforms. The teachers can also be trained using their webinars as the local market is not prepared for conducting online classes. Huawei Pakistan conducted 4 different online sessions for guiding the students through its ICT Academy.

Currently, Huawei Pakistan is conducting online certificates for more than 100 students and are planning to increase it by 100% in the month of May. One of the students from UET, Lahore attended the online courses provided by Huawei Pakistan. The student rated the content and session of high quality with very useful in the current situation. Another interesting point highlighted by the students were that the instructor encouraged the questions and answers session. Month of May are planned with more interventions to follow including Train the Trainers (TTT) program for enhancing the capabilities of course instructors. The TTT program will cover lectures and practical work in shape of lab work as well.

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