Institutions need to facilitate their teachers’ right now

The entire world trapped in COVID – 19 has somehow ignored the fact that teachers are also part of this world. Governments of the world and educational bodies within Pakistan have stressed on conduct of online classes but nevertheless, teachers being actively involved and still part of this society are also anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. According to a recent research in US, most of the teachers mentioned five common feelings during the lockdown situation; anxious, fearful, worried, overwhelmed, and sad. However, the highest ranked feeling was anxiety. The main reasons of such feelings are that some of their family member or even they can contract corona virus. Furthermore, the economic stress over the entire world has also hampered the financial income of the teachers.

On the other end, the institutes are also not in a position to control all this crisis but they along with the civil society can improve their response for the facilitation of teachers.

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Considering Emotions

Teachers are the ones who encourage and motivate their students but there shall be someone to consider the emotions of teachers as well. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence mentions in their research that teaching is more effective as emotions drive them. The primary reason that why emotions matter for teachers is that attention, memory and learning is associated with it. If there are prolonged stress, anxiety and depression then it can disrupt concentration with interference in thinking of individuals. Emotions has its impact on decision making, relationship and physical well-being as well. Teachers who have more developed emotional skills are more contributive to the performance of organization and report less burnout. Therefore, the institutions need to consider and control the emotions of their teachers by providing them with emotional intelligence trainings.

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Well-Being of Teachers

The teachers are anxious during the current crisis situation, however, the institutes are the ones who can consider most about the well-being of teachers. In a survey conducted globally, teachers were asked that how they would like to feel at school, most of the teachers responded loud and clear. The expected feelings were happy, inspired valued, supported, effective and respected. Institutes need to more sensitive to their teachers’ emotional needs today so that when schools reopen, the teachers recognize the importance of their institutes in their lives. There is huge difference in how teachers are being treated and how they would like to be treated. The concerns of teachers were that they need greater emotional balance. Time to adjust online learning, honesty, respect, kindness, flexibility and patience from school administrators were the responses of teachers. These factors need to be considered by institutes and among the top priority were realistic expectations, and working around the clock.

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Developing Charter

All the institutes, government and governing bodies are putting stress on developing SOPs for conducting classes and conducting examination. However, there is a need to develop a charter for the teachers and considering their feelings. Charter is a document in which agreed upon terms are briefed in black and white. A charter shall be developed which shall be a living document as it will help the educators during the pandemic. The charter shall include sharing of weekly reflections in which ideas and feelings by the teachers shall be communicated. This will help in developing a positive climate by addressing the concerns of teachers. The time has come when all educational institutes has to address the missing link of adjoining teachers’ concerns.

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