Intermediate Merit Lists 2020

Intermediate is a very crucial level for the students. It is not only an educational block but has the superiority of a major door and a stepping stone in the educational careers of the students’. It is a door because it opens up the way for the students into higher education. On the other hand, it is a stepping stone owing to the fact that students are graduated from one level to the other. This graduation is also linked with securing good marks as only high performance in intermediate results in getting oneself admitted to any leading university of the private or public sector.

It also gives a huge benefit to the needy students as high achievers get a chance to avail scholarship opportunities. The high achievers are the position holders, however, this all is initiated with getting an admission into intermediate level from matriculation. The admissions into colleges which is the intermediate level is purely based on meeting the merit of the institutes. The students often face difficulty in these situations. Most of the students’ desire to get themselves admitted in any one particular college but fear anxiety if they don’t qualify for the merit. As a result, these students apply at multiple places and then look for one option after the other.
Our website runs all the updated and latest intermediate merit lists. We commit ourselves to delivering accurate, updated and official merit lists of all the leading educational institutes. Whether someone is a student of FA (General, Arts), FSc (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering), ICS (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Economics) or ICom, they can view the merit lists for all the programs through our website. Since the last few years, the trend of morning and evening shifts has reached out to the community, hence, the merit lists for morning and evening programs have also been differentiated by the institutes. This website provides both the merit lists pertaining to the intermediate level including all programs and shifts.

There is a huge number of educational institutes that are currently working in the country, therefore, we target the leading institutes as the major inflow is expected to be at those places. This information will not only provide the real-time data and help the parents and students to make decisions but will also save time. This saving of time can be used further to explore our website. This exploring will surely end up in attaining more education and opening up further avenues.

Pakistan Colleges and Universities Intermediate Merit Lists 2020

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