Online Classes started across all Federal Colleges


All colleges working under the control of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have started online classes from 7th July. All the other institutes including universities and colleges are already imparting online classes. However, FDE has now taken the decision to start online classes. Students welcomed this decision but teachers had registered their concerns. Education Minister also supported the decision but none of the institutes had done any arrangements in this regard.

Teachers are resenting this decision because they have been citing the lack of resources and capacity for imparting online classes. Training to teachers has not been given and now all of a sudden switching from whiteboard towards online platform is a daunting challenge. One of the biggest challenges is access to internet connection, uninterrupted power outages, and access to a laptop or PC. Rather than shifting to teach online classes, teachers suggested that colleges can record lectures and share with the students and they can ask questions on WhatsApp.

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