Preparing for the Examination Day

The preparation for any examination is tough and reaching the day on which it all matters is highly important. The day on which it all starts and matters is the day of examination. At this very stage, the students study almost all that they could have studied. Now they have to get themselves 100% ready for the big day. The planning, revising and studying time expires as it becomes the time of action. These all feelings and criticality of the day promotes stress among the students. The students study hard running up to the exams but the most important work is yet to be done and that is the attempting of exam in the examination center. There is a probability that hard work put in during the study may not be reflected through the exam performance, therefore, there are certain tips that one needs to follow so that the performance could be maximized.

  1. Take Deep Breathes
    By getting up early in the morning, the students first need to take a deep breath so that they can get relaxed. The stress levels are usually high during the exams day and psychologists suggest that this is the best method for relieving stress. The deep breathing results in slowing down the heart rate with more oxygen entering the blood which communicates with the brain to relax. Sometimes, the students are feeling pain in body or having a headache in morning, deep breath can also help in relieving those pains. It also improves the immunity in an individual as entrance of more oxygen cleans the body and it becomes difficult for the bacteria to enter the body.
  2. Eat a Good Breakfast
    Before leaving the home, make sure that one has eaten a healthy breakfast to keep an individual energized. The exam day is full of hustle and bustle with a lot of pressure on mind. Even if the students know majority of the questions, one has to activate the thought process and bring all the concepts onto paper. The breakfast will help in giving energy to the mind and body. The activation of both mind and body are required to perform well in the exam, hence, it keeps one going during the exam. Breakfast helps in maintaining the required level of nutrients, fiber and fats in the body.
  3. Don’t be Late
    The entire exam day shall be planned a day before. The discussion and finalization shall be done a day before with implementation only to be left on the day of examination. For instance, the clothes that one has to wear shall too be ready in the night. The student just has to get up, do breakfast and get ready for reaching the examination center. Equally important is the visit made a day before, as student would know what is the way to reach the center, where will be the parking and how much traffic is expected on those specific roads. We advise students to still keep a bracket of 10 to 15 minutes so that any emergency can too be covered in it as it is better to reach early than to be late.
  4. Make sure all things are kept
    The students need not to keep a long list of things with them but ones that are required shall be ensured a night before. The day of examination shall only be a following, like a rechecking mechanism similar to a checklist. The essential things that are required are roll number slips, national identity card, registration documents of the vehicle on which the student is travelling and lastly, stationery items. All the stationery items shall be checked once and this checking shall take place a night before so replacement can be arranged of any malfunctioning items. Items like pen, pencils, sharpeners, compass or other items can cause trouble at last moments, therefore, extra items shall also be ensured by the students. Rather than keeping all the items separate, it is better to keep them in a stationery box or bag.
  5. Stay Hydrated
    Keeping hydrated is very important. The exams are often conducted in public or government schools where air conditioning facilities are not available. This can cause the students to feel hot and sweat during the exam as they are constantly thinking and are in action oriented position by writing. In addition to that, the water facilities are also compromised as entire hall is drinking water in a couple of glasses available. Therefore, the students need to keep their own water bottle with them. The students can also keep chocolates with them as it keeps one hydrated during the exams and prevents stress or anxiety. As doctors suggest that water and chocolates reduce stress, hence, students need to keep taking these so that they can be healthy yet active during the exam.
  6. Do what is right for oneself
    Every student has his/her own way of relaxation prior to examination. This relaxation is often done minutes before the exam so one needs to remain within his own. Few students like to discuss some questions regarding the exam, others prefer to enjoy a giggle among the friends, while some prefer to listen music on their headphones. Everyone has their own way of preparing so one shall get relax for himself / herself but keeping the basics right for oneself.
  7. Be Positive
    Lastly, students need to be positive. All the efforts are being put in by the students during the preparation phase and now is the time to perform. Once the examination center has been entered, the students need to motivate themselves and be positive towards their preparation and attempting the exams. Sometimes, positivity can yield tremendous results that go unparalleled and even unmatched for years to come.

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