Two year programs of B.A and B. Sc. eradicated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


According to recent notification issued by Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), all two years Bachelor programs have been abolished including the notable programs of B.A and B. Sc. A notification has also been issued and circulated among the entire province stating that now all new admissions shall be made in 4-year BS programs. No college shall now be allowed to grant admission in 2-year Bachelor program rather all 128 colleges will now only be permitted to grant admissions in 4-year BS programs.

This decision has been made in the light of Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) decision back in 2019 and was to be made effective in 2020. Punjab Education Department was quick to react with terminating all two year programs and replacing it with a 3-year Associate Degree program (ADP). The unique feature that ADP provides is a shortened degree as it was opted in 2-year programs. Another area added into ADP was that students have to undergo a practical training program at any of the organizations in line with their specialization. KP has replaced 2-year program with a 4-year program but it is to be seen that will they be using the model of Punjab government or stick with their own version.

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