UET Entrance Test deadline extended

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) had announced that they have extended their deadline for entry tests as some of the students are facing problems owing to the lockdown situation in country. The decision has been made in order to facilitate students at most. Previously, UET had announced 1st June, 2020 as the deadline for registration of students. 1st June was the deadline till which students have to submit their e-registration forms.

Although, availability of internet and completion of required documents was not easy at all due to certain restrictions in wake of Covid-19. However, the dates for entry tests are unchanged with Saturday and Sunday dedicated solely for entry tests using Virtual University’s centers.

13th June and 14th June will be the dates for final entry tests, however, students will also be able to attend a mock exam on 6th June and 7th June in the allotted centers of Virtual University during the said time. Organizers have strictly developed SOPs and had requested the same to students so that social distancing can be practiced with avoiding the spread of deadly virus.

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