Which college to select after Matriculation exam?

The results of matriculation have been declared with students now looking to take admissions in various colleges. Some of the students look for admissions while other search out for jobs at such an early age for solving out their financial problems. However, a major number of individuals search out for various colleges so that they can opt for a relevant program and college. This article will help the students in learning the features associated with selecting an appropriate college, however, the suitability factor varies from one individual to the other. Educational system in Pakistan is unique in its nature because career counseling is scarce in our educational environment.

Usually, there is a huge focus on securing positions in boards and a never ending race has started but there are certain factors which are more important. Most of the students make a mistake is to select a college which is nearer to their home, however, this isn’t a considerable point while selecting a college. The basic feature of selecting a college should be quality of education. In addition to that, the other factors which shall be given importance in selecting a college is character building for its students, reputation of the college, market positioning and ratio of employability. Nevertheless, students have to meet a set of pre-requisites for securing an admission into any of the college.

One thing which students have to remember is that real life begins after Matric, so one has to firstly, plan and then start it wisely. Key factors were mentioned in the above paragraph, however, some of the other guiding elements can be the existence of college, faculty and their intellectual level, academic programs offered by the college, acceptability of students’ in the job market, fee structure, extra-curricular activities, affiliations and degree acceptance and lastly, facilities or infrastructure. All of these points are key aspects when choosing a college because they are equally important owing to their impact. Each of these have their importance, significance and are ranked on priority because they are directly linked with each single individual. Let us take a look at the criticalness of these aspects.

If a college is able to build characters of its students, a huge number of responsible citizens can be added into the active workforce. Education is not about being promoted from one level to the other but it is and should be more relevant with adding towards the knowledge of oneself. Hence, a college which focuses on quality rather than quantity is more important and shall be selected without any doubt. Position of a college in market also matters which helps students in getting admissions into leading universities and landing into good jobs in future. Furthermore, existence is a more relevant term with the market positioning as some of the colleges come with a bang but turn obsolete with a much faster rate, therefore, existence is also an important indicator.

At the end of the day, teachers / instructors or faculty are those individuals which help in training, developing, teaching and building the career of students. This means that importance of the faculty is also highly significant while making a choice of selecting a college. Extra-curricular activities keep the students motivated by keeping them involved in events, such as, sports, debates, and other societies. This has multiple benefits as some of the students are more oriented towards these extra-curricular activities which helps them in making their careers in these fields. Secondly, students can get themselves refreshed and energized from a monotonous routine. Most importantly, fee structure plays a huge role in the selection of college. This is due to the fact that education has become one of the leading businesses in Pakistan and a household has to select a college for their child based on their financial pocket. Nevertheless, there are still decent enough colleges that are providing affordable education along with scholarship opportunities as well.

Selecting the right college after matric is the first and foremost thing for moving one’s career in the right direction. Students need to keep their interests in focus too and shall select a program which best meets with their desires and future choices. We would like to advise all students to remain active and enjoy their college lives, however, keep visiting our website for any further details, suggestions and information related to the selection of an appropriate college.

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