Wuhan City opens up its Schools: The Ground Zero of Virus

The center of corona virus, Wuhan city has opened up its schools and advised the students to return with wearing face masks. The schools have also set up walk-through gates with thermal scanners to be made mandatory before the start of every class. On Wednesday, Wuhan City’s 121 institutions opened their operations for the students. This was the first time that students were back to their classrooms since Wuhan, the ground zero of corona virus went into complete lockdown. The information was made public through China’s home grown social media platform, Weibo.

All the SOPs laid by the government shall be followed religiously in schools as all the students sat at individual desks with keeping required distance with the other desk. Teachers also are required to keep a decent distance between them and students. This was done in compliance to practicing social distancing by all the institutes. The transformation of Back to School was highly welcoming by various voices of the community. Reopening of schools was among the essential steps for normalizing the life in Wuhan and the surrounding province of Hubei. Chinese government has opened up their city after 76 days of strict lockdown. Despite the opening up of schools, the attendance remained low in all the institutes across the city.

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All the campuses were disinfected and cleaned before its opening as made mandatory by the government of China. Few of the institutes have also divided their classes into smaller sizes for better management as per the guidelines and its precautionary measures. It was the first time that police officers were seen at the entrance gate of the schools as all the students were welcomed by thermal scanners. Any of the students or even teachers with high temperatures were not allowed to enter the school. Although, few of the higher educational institutes are still conducting online classes and have communicated their students to return in the month of June including the major centers of Shanghai and Beijing.

Nevertheless, the opening up of entire country can also be deemed from the fact that economy is now opening up as well. The flight operations of minute nature have also started with relaxing the strict travel restrictions. On the other end, precautionary measures are still strictly followed including wearing of masks, using hand sanitizers and minimizing unnecessary travel. The emergence of new cases in the country have also witnessed a downfall trend. More importantly, Disney Land China is also opening up its operations for the young visitors by next week. The government has advised all the Chinese returning home to stay in quarantine for at least 14 days. Lastly, thermal scanners and social distancing is strictly practiced at all public places.

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